Leather Wall bags

Wall Bag Punching training

Very important thing in Ving Tsun is “Punching Power”. You can do nothing at the and if you cant finnish your opponent!
So, punching power and punching training is very important and we have few methods for good punch.
There is training on the “Wall Bag”.
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Wall bag is a like a small pillow hanging on the wall and ready to  apply punches. It is very good exercises cause wall is static and you train your body to adopt energy to the ground and to the wall while you make your punches. Than when you practise this type of exercises for a while, you get a better feeling when you deal with your opponent in a drill or in a fight. Theese Wall Bags are made of Cow Leather because these types of materials proved to be the strongest and most durable while practitioners make a thousands of strong punches on the wall bag.
leather 1 leather 2
They are also strengthened at the point of contact fith fist with circle part of cow leather. From the back side there are 3 layers of leather  and metal rings for mounting on the wall.
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